Oxygen Concentrators

Woodsprings Home Medical provides oxygen concentrators. All respiratory home care equipment comes with complete education and 24/7 on-call services.

"Oxygen concentrators take in regular air (which is about 21% oxygen), remove the other gases, and produce oxygen that is up to 95% pure.

Most concentrators are about the size of a kitchen garbage can and weigh from 30 lb (15 kg) to 50 lb (25 kg).

Also, portable concentrators that can be taken on an airplane, bus, train, or cruise ship are available. These weigh less than 20 lb (9 kg), and some even weigh less than 10 lb (5 kg). Portable concentrators can either be plugged into an electrical outlet or run on battery power.

Concentrators don't need to be refilled like oxygen tanks do, so they may cost less and be more convenient. But unlike an oxygen tank, a concentrator runs on electricity, so you will need an oxygen tank as a backup in case the power goes out.

Your doctor will help you choose the source that fits your needs. A combination may be best. Some people use a concentrator at home, keep a large oxygen tank on hand as a backup, and have small tanks or a portable concentrator for use outside the home." - WebMD

Woodsprings Home Medical Oxygen Concentrator
Woodsprings Home Medical Oxygen Concentrator